Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back in the Saddle and Our Meet Up at Einstein!

So most of us are 'back in the saddle' with classes well underway and the fall workload building (as usual.) For those of you non-equestrians (like me) - here's the parts of an English saddle - is case you have a random interest.

Although, I think being back in the saddle is more like our lady below.
We had a terrific teleconference meeting on the September 4th.

Agenda highlights:
I.      Old Business and Updates
II.     New Business  - Hugs to Carl and wishes for a speedy recovery!
a.      Announcements / News / Opportunities
  1. September 24-25 Creating Consensus Embedding Sex and Gender Medical Education Mayo Clinic  Rochester Minnesota - Useful for faculty looking for resources and innovation in integration curricula.
  2. October 12-14   Healing Health Disparities Harvard Faculty Development Boston MA - Useful for new as well as expert educators to engage in raising the bar on cross cultural educational interventions and techniques.
  3. October 27-31 APHA Annual meeting (Let us know if you are presenting so we can share the news)
  4. November 2-7 AAMC Annual meeting (Let us know if you are presenting and we can share the news)
b.      Newest AAMC report and brief thoughts re: in person meeting discussions.
         LVMC Strategic Plan poised to address elements of this - more info at the face to face meeting.
c.      Collaborations poised towards meetings (AMEE) 
d.      Growth plans for membership and partnerships
e.      Next in-person (face to face) meeting Albert Einstein Medical Center, September 21
f.      Miscellaneous
Resources Bob mentioned (check out JCEHP CME Review in the Hot Off the Presses section) and Book chapters

Like RC, Goode TD. Promoting Cultural and Linguistic Competence in the American Health System: Levers of Change,” in Inequalities in Health Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities, COST Series on Health and Diversity Volume II, eds. D Ingleby, A Chiarenza, I Kotsioni,  and W Devillé. Antwerp-Apeldoorn: Garant, 2012, pages 29-48.

Goode TD, Like RC. “Advancing and Sustaining Cultural and Linguistic Competence in the American Health System: Challenges, Strategies, and Lessons Learned,” in Inequalities in Health Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities, COST Series on Health and Diversity Volume II, eds. D Ingleby, A Chiarenza, I Kotsioni,  and W Devillé. Antwerp-Apeldoorn: Garant, 2012, page 49-65.

III.     Adjournment

Friday Sept 21
10 am - 2pm

Agenda will expand on our phone topics (full details to follow)

If you have questions re: logistics (that an non-New Yorker can answer), email me with questions. Nilda is our host and Hope Spano will be our logistics guru at Einstein.

See you all soon!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Planning for our February Meeting at Weill-Cornell

Hi All,
Thanks to Carl and TJ for hosting our Feb 25th NEC meeting at Weill Cornell. We'll be sending room information (as well as call in information) soon.
For those of you who joined us on our NEC teleconference on Dec 20, 2010 - we discussed issues about augmenting collaborations (white papers, presentation, consultations) and strategies to increase awareness of the breadth and depth of expertise within the NEC. We also discussed updating our members expertise inventory.

I am delighted to share with you that Marc Nivet, Ed.D., Chief Diversity Officer at AAMC will be able to join us for our Feb meeting. He will discuss where he sees the future going and we will be able to dialog about collaborative ventures on cross cultural education, health care reform and diversity initiatives. Although I'm sure you heard him at the AAMC Annual Meeting, for those unable to attend, here is a link to his presentation

Since it is now linked on the blog - I'd also encourage all of you to check out (and revise) the powerpoint that I've tried to update per everyone. Just click here. If you want a change, I'll send you the blank PPT slides for you to update and send back. Be aware, in the slide show format, less is more on descriptors (in terms of visibility.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Place To Connect

Hi All,
Yes, we have email and in person and LinkdIn and now a blog so that we can optimize our chances to connect and share. Please feel free to comment on the blog site (be kind!!) - I tried to get something up and others (aka TJ, Nellie) can make it beautiful.

For those of you who where unable to join us at Jefferson (thanks, Luz!) - we had an amazing meeting.

I won't steal Nellie's thunder on the minutes, rather I'll give you a capsule summary.
It seems that times are in flux for many folks
 - what does this "Diversity" office thing mean? who should it be? what role is the work that has come before? where is the best fit?
The group consensus is that this is an ideal time for us to discuss strategic positioning of NEC and it's expertise.

In this time of change, we discussed the opportunity to augment the conversation with stakeholders (Dean's, etc.) and re-invite the new head of Diversity at AAMC to join us at our next face to face meeting. Luz offered to reach out with an invitation. We were looking for dates in January - more to come on that...
We also talked about continuing our connection with one hour theme focused topics that would occur every 8 weeks or so. As a result of checking in, we neither had time to address the two proposed topics (LGBT and cultural competence; nor sex and gender health disparities) The group consensus was to have LGBT issues as the one hour discussion/resource session and that we would shoot for Monday Dec 6, at 4 pm for a one hour rambo discussion. This will allow Ed to share his findings from the UCSF meeting and also have Dominga (who first brought this up) to be able to join in.

Feel free to email Ed P for the username and password of their new cultural competency site (see Hot Off the Presses)

Please join in the conversation with the blog and add your two cents!!!
Happy Fall - Ana