Thursday, February 17, 2011

Planning for our February Meeting at Weill-Cornell

Hi All,
Thanks to Carl and TJ for hosting our Feb 25th NEC meeting at Weill Cornell. We'll be sending room information (as well as call in information) soon.
For those of you who joined us on our NEC teleconference on Dec 20, 2010 - we discussed issues about augmenting collaborations (white papers, presentation, consultations) and strategies to increase awareness of the breadth and depth of expertise within the NEC. We also discussed updating our members expertise inventory.

I am delighted to share with you that Marc Nivet, Ed.D., Chief Diversity Officer at AAMC will be able to join us for our Feb meeting. He will discuss where he sees the future going and we will be able to dialog about collaborative ventures on cross cultural education, health care reform and diversity initiatives. Although I'm sure you heard him at the AAMC Annual Meeting, for those unable to attend, here is a link to his presentation

Since it is now linked on the blog - I'd also encourage all of you to check out (and revise) the powerpoint that I've tried to update per everyone. Just click here. If you want a change, I'll send you the blank PPT slides for you to update and send back. Be aware, in the slide show format, less is more on descriptors (in terms of visibility.

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